This bits about the process and how we work together.

As a client I want you to have a productive, simple and care free process for your project.

So whether you know what you want or you're just starting out, lets talk first about how I can help.

I am an easy going and professional person and have a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

Let's talk

Chatting first about your your project is the best step. We can discuss what you need done, by when and where the voice over will be used. Maybe you don't know how voice over services can help. Talk to me about a free demo.

Project fees

My voice over rates are inline with Australian and global industry standards.

Voice over fees are effected by two things, the size of the project and how the voice over will be used.

Project size is effected by script length, characters needed, post production such as editing, file splitting, video and music and when you need it done by.

Usage fees cover where the voice over will be used and for how long. Is it for internal company usage only, YouTube, commercials, TV, radio, online or a video game? How long do you want the project to run? You can choose a license term of a 3 months to 1-2 years. This can save you money as you see how the project performs. I can provide a “buy out” option for some projects but most clients prefer the flexibility of the license as they can choose to renew the license again or create a whole new project.

If you need help understanding voice over fees see the Australian rates or the international rate guide.

Before we record

I will send you my quote to review and subject to your written confirmation by email (which will act as our contract) we can then proceed.

I generally share information on social media as there are mutual benefits for our businesses. This said if you would prefer I didn't please let me know. I am also happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Once I have your finalised approved script I will require some direction from you either in writing or in person (you can join via Skype or Source Connect Now) as to how you would like the voice over to sound. If there is a specific style you want from one of my demos let me know. Alternatively I can record a couple of lines for your consideration. It is also important to advise of any uncommon words and their pronunciation so that the recording can be delivered on time.

My recording space

I provide clean broadcast quality voice overs for your project from my home.

The long story is, I have an acoustically treated studio were I use professional equipment to deliver your project. I can also attend a studio in Sydney, Australia if needed.

I usually record at 24-bit/48khz and can supply in WAV, AIFF or Mp3 via email, google or Dropbox.

I use Reaper as my DAW, a Sennheiser Mk4 and Rode NT1A microphone, pop shield and a Rode PSA1 boom arm, Focus-Rite Scarlett interface and Skype or Source Connect Now (if required).

Artificial Intelligence (Synthetic Voice) terms and conditions

This segment is composed in straightforward yet formal language to provide clarity. The influence of AI on the work of voice over professionals, such as myself, carries the risk of widespread misuse. Therefore, it is crucial for us to establish clear conditions. In the context that follows, you will be referred to as the "Client," while I will be designated as the "Talent."

  1. Client expressly agrees not to utilize any portion of the Talent’s file, recording or performance of Talent for purposes other than those specified in the initial Agreement between the parties, including but not limited to creation of synthetic or “cloned” voices or for machine learning.

  2. Specifically, Client shall not utilize any recording or performance of Talent to simulate client’s voice or likeness, or to create any synthesized or “digital double” voice or likeness of Talent.

  3. Client specifically agrees not to sell or transfer ownership to all or part of any of the original files recording the performance of Talent to any third party for purposes of using the files for Artificial Intelligence, such as text to speech, or speech to speech uses, without Talent’s knowledge and consent.

  4. Client agrees not to enter into any agreements or contracts on behalf of Talent which utilizes all or any part of any of the original files recording the performance of Talent for purposes of using the files for Artificial Intelligence, such as text to speech, or speech to speech uses, without Talent’s knowledge and consent.

  5. Client agrees to use good faith efforts to prevent any files of recordings or performances stored in digital format containing Talent’s voice or likeness from unauthorized access by third parties, and if such files are stored in “the cloud” Client agrees to utilize services that offer safeguards through encryption or other “up-to date” technological means from unauthorized third party access.

Providing a benchmark

My goal is deliver a quality product but mistakes may happen. Where I have made a mistake I will fix these free of charge and as quick as possible. By talking early and providing early samples these types of issues can be avoided and your a happy camper.

Where you made an error in a script or want to change some words I charge a fee to cover my time.

I want to you to have a great experience, come back for more and tell your friends.

Terms and conditions